Prague, Czech Republic, October 24-25, 2024


Thursday October 24

9.00-9.05Symposium OpeningJiri Neuzil, Institute of Biotechnology, CAS, CZ, and Griffith University, AUS
Session 1Discovery of HMTChair: Ildiko Szabo, University of Padova, IT
9.05-9.45Long Talk 1Mike Berridge, Malaghan Institute of Medical Research, NZ
Discovery of horizontal mitochondrial transfer
9.45-10.25Long Talk 2Jonathan Brestoff, Washington University, USA
Overview of horizontal mitochondrial transfer
10.25‑11.05Morning Tea in the BIOCEV Centre
Session 2HMT in Cancer IChair: Paulo Oliveira, University of Coimbra, PT
11.05-11.45Long Talk 3Stuart Rushworth, University of East Anglia, UK
Mitochondrial transfer in hematological malignancies
11.45-12.05Short Talk 1Michal Simicek, University of Ostrava, CZ
12.05-12.25Short Talk 2Jaromir Novak, Institute of Biotechnology, CZ
Role of Miro1 in horizontal mitochondrial transfer
12.25-12.45Short Talk 3Magdalena Krulova, Charles University, CZ
Horizontal mitochondrial transfer in stem cells
12.45-13.45Lunch buffet-style in the BIOCEV Centre
Session 3HMT in Cancer IIChair: Shazib Pervaiz, National University of Singapore, SIN
13.45-14.25Long Talk 4Marie-Luce Vignais, University of Montpellier, FR
Mitochondrial transfer in glioblastoma
14.25-14.45Short Talk 4Andrea Strakova, University of Cambridge, UK
Horizontal mitochondrial transfer in canine transferable venereal tumours
14.45-15.05Short Talk 5Petra Brisudova, Institute of Biotechnology, CZ
Import of mitochondria from neuronal stroma promotes glioblastoma formation
15.05-15.35Afternoon Tea in the BIOCEV Centre
Session 4HMT and Dynamics in Other SystemsChair: Frantisek Kolar, Institute of Physiology, CZ
15.35-16.15Long Talk 5Clair Crewe, Washington University, USA
Horizontal mitochondrial transfer in cardiovascular system
16.15-16.35Short Talk 6Dean Pountney, Griffith University, AUS
Movement of α-synuclein along tubulin fibers
16.35-16.55Short Talk 7Petra Alanova, Institute of Physiology, CZ
HIF-1α and mitochondria in cardioprotection induced by adaptation to chronic hypoxia
16.55-17.35Long Talk 6Minghao Zheng, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia
Mitochondrial transfer of osteocyte regulation of bone and bone marrow homeostasis
17.35-19.00Poster session
19.00Dinner and Get-together: Buffet-style dinner in the BIOCEV Centre
Big Band live swing music for listening and dancing (BIOCEV Centre)

Friday October 25

Session 5HMT and Mitochondrial DynamicsChair: Catherine Brenner, University of Paris-Saclay, FR
9.00-9.40Long Talk 7Anne-Marie Rodriguez, Sorbonne University, FR
Mitochondrial transfer in wound healing
9.40-10.00Short Talk 8Jitka Zurmanova, Charles University, CZ
Mitochondrial dynamics in the heart
10.00‑10.20Short Talk 9Pavel Vodicka, Institute of Experimental Medicine, CZ
Repair of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA in carcinogenesis
10.20-10.50Morning Tea in the BIOCEV Centre
Session 6Mitochondrial Dynamics IChair:Boris Turk, Josef Stafan Institute, SI
10.50-11.30Long Talk 8Josef Kittler, University College of London, UK
Mitochondrial mobility in neuronal system
11.30-12.50Short Talk 10Katerina Komrskova, Institute of Biotechnology, CZ
Mitochondrial dynamics in the reproduction system
11.50-12.10Short Talk 11Keshav Singh, Uni Alabama, AL, USA
Nomadic mitochondria: Navigating the nucleus nexus.
12.10-13.10Lunch buffet-style in the BIOCEV Centre
Session 7Mitochondrial Dynamics IIChair: Boris Zhivotovsky, Karolinska Institute, SE
13.10-13.50Long Talk 9Zdenek Lansky, Institute of Biotechnology, CAS, CZ
Mitochondrial mobility and dynamics in a reconstituted system
13.50-14.10Short Talk 12Michelangelo Campanella, Queen Mary University, UK
Mitochondrial dynamics and interaction with the nucleus
14.10-14.30Short Talk 13Luigi Leanza, University of Padova, IT
Dynamics between endoplasmatic reticulum and mitochondria in cancer progression
14.30-14.50Short Talk 14Alejandro Caicedo
Mitochondrial transfer/transplant in skin: Reducing ROS damage, and enhancing proliferation and wound healing
14.50-15.20Afternoon Tea in the BIOCEV Centre
Session 8Special Talk and Keynote TalkChair: Jakub Rohlena, Institute of Biotechnology, CAS, CZ
15.20-15.50Special TalkVladimir Hampl, Charles University, CZ
Eukaryotes without mitochondria
15.50-16.50Keynote TalkChiara Zurzolo, Institute Pasteur, FR
Tunnelling nanotubes in horizontal mitochondrial transfer
16.50‑17.00Conference adjournedAwards, final words and presentation of next HMTD conference